“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho

Everybody has his/her own dreams.  You know what mine is? To sit on the beach, cold beer in hand, and write novels all day. It’s a good dream, isn’t it?  I mean, especially the beer part–who wouldn’t like that? Nahhh, I’m a week and two days sober, and it feels awesome 🙂

Seriously though…that’s my dream.  After my roommate/one of my best friends/lover treated me like a piece of shit, I am temporarily moved back home until I can go back to Roanoke, although I do already have a couple of offers down there thanks to some good friends–I’ll probably be back in the next month or two 🙂 Anyways, the first time I drove back up here, I straight up told my parents I didn’t want to teach–how that was everybody’s else dream for me–their expectations, not mine.  I told them I want to write.

It started in the sixth grade, during one of my class periods called Writer’s Workshop, during which I spontaneously decided I wanted to be a novelist.  Entertaining people with nothing but words had never crossed my mind before, yet suddenly the very idea of using language as a tool to do just that seemed enthralling.  I remember composing my first short story ever.  Inventing innovative characters, constructing vibrant new worlds—coming up with the most action-packed plots that would no doubt put big-budget Hollywood movies to shame.  Writing was such an innocently fun, fresh experience for me.  And it still is–my freedom, my passion, my identity.  When teachers asked me to complete the sentence “I am…” I always finished it with “writer.”  Because it’s just…me. And I’m pretty darn good at it 😉

So anyways…yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do 🙂 I’ve already started the process of publishing my first book, The Girl Who Could Change Fate.  I’m just waiting on my older brother *cough* Zach to get with the program and draw the cover out, even when he’s asking for 50% of royalties.  Everybody who has read the parts I’ve let them so far has always asked for more, so that’s definitely a good sign. It comes across as your cliche young adult novel, but anyone who knows how I write can probably identify that as being a parody–I hate cliches, and my story is one that specifically takes the narrator’s perspective from purposefully one-dimensional to more aware of everything and everyone by the end of the novel.  And those English majors, like me, who like to search out literary features–you can go straight ahead.

Anyways, this is the pitch so far–it’s still under construction–let me know what you think! (And for the record, don’t make fun of the names. When I write and a name automatically pops in my head, it immediately gives that character an identity…and it’s the biggest struggle to change the name….so I usually don’t).

It’s your typical Monday morning at school, right before first block starts.  You are about to head into class…and then you see him, and you can’t help but gape in your googly-eyed goggle, with the little pool of drool barely dribbling from your mouth, and your heart sounding like someone’s playing the congas right next to you… aaaaand that’s when he shoves you into a locker.


 What if “him” was your daydream boy, and you had the power to make him drop dead? Would you?

 …Yep, that’s right folks.  Lacey Joy White is your average, everyday teenager.  She unwillingly goes to school, tries to maintain at least a “D” in Chemistry, spends Friday nights creeping on her crush on Facebook, and overall struggles through that awkward stage of life called puberty.  She is ordinary, just like everybody else, except for one tiny, teensy little detail—she can change the future in small ways.  However, despite being able to wield such a godly gift, she chooses not to, and life tends to be normal.  Er—that is until she is introduced to the Fate Changing Regime (FCR), an organization which oversees the various users of Fate.

 Upon joining it, Lacey’s life suddenly descends into chaos.  She acquires a very pretty bull’s-eye mark on her back, as fanatical groups opposing the FCR will stop at nothing to eliminate Fate Changers.  On top of that, she finds herself trying (and failing) to ignore deepening feelings for the enigmatic Christian Angel, a young man in the Regime who can alter people’s thoughts.  Aaaand…she must also uncover the traitor in the FCR, one has been plotting a not-so-nice surprise for her for many years now…

Worse than all of this is that, in order to survive, she must use her gift…and resist the dark allure in her heart that comes with Changing Fate.

 A blend of humor, action, romance, and suspense, The Girl Who Could Change Fate explores values of friendship, love, and the journey of finding your own identity that every teenager goes through.


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