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Nuggets of Wisdom: #3


‘Don’t change yourself, improve yourself.’-some very good friends

‘Realize that enough hidden strength lies within you to overcome all obstacles and temptations. Bring forth that indomitable power and energy.’-Paramahansa Yogananda

#3) Stop waiting.

A friend and I were messaging each other last week, and I told him we should both do something spontaneous, to which he replied the most spontaneous thing he’s done in a while was message me out of the blue two months ago. We’ve been engaged in an ongoing convo involving Pokemon, Pusheen the cat, and other random shit since then, and it’s been funtasterrifico!

Every morning I wake, I forgive myself, I inhale reflecting on all the day holds then exhale…’k, that sounds deep and live-your-life jizz–I don’t do that–I’m still half-asleep when I open my eyes, although I complete that list during meditation right after brushing my teeth…But, okay, principle here: there’s so much to realize in a day, instead of binge watching Law and Order for 8 hours hours, accompanied by a bag of popcorn and beer. After all, you don’t want your tombstone to read R.I.P.: Saw every episode of Friends…twice.

‘Carpe diem.’

In order to truly ‘live,’ you have to first know yourself. Maybe not all of yourself, but the parts which will make you get your butt off the couch and experience the world around you.

E.G.: I’ve known for quite a while now that I’m extremely lazy, can at times encumber no motivation whatsoever, and generally have no direction in my life…So I gave myself direction. I can’t perform activities cold turkey either, so instead I’m gradually easing myself into them. And, what can I say? These past few months I’ve taught myself sign language, basic math that I could sure use when handed the receipt at the dinner table, and a slew of other hobbies. Granted, none of them exactly generate income…

No clue what you want? Make a long-term goal list. Whether you want to buy a house soon, or incorporate more jewelry into your every day ensemble, begin a club about baby animals and send out weekly pamphlets of them, travel to Australia and hang with the kangaroos, or even instead go to your neighborhood’s small Asian cafe you’ve always wanted to visit because of its mysterious aura but that deep down you know sells shit smoothies anyways etc etc put it on there. Then create more goal lists, all of which are specific, baby steps that in the end will help you reach those long-term goals.

E.G.: I have financial goals, personal goals, fitness goals, places-I-want-to-go goals, things-I-want-to-buy goals, lots and lots of goals. One of them is improving my posture, and after a couple of weeks I can already tell I’m walking straighter and more relaxed in, well, forever. And that’s not something you can put on a resume.

Everything in the world is so much closer to your fingertips nowadays. Apps. The Internet. Books. The news. Yet, people tend to exhibit more reactionary characteristics, like a reflex, waiting for a genie to appear with a lamp and grant those ‘big’ aspirations you hold high hopes for, so you can continue being a couch potato and guzzling down that 6-pack. Part of it is technology–causes laziness, apathy, and a well-I-can-just-look-it-up attitude. Booooring. Here’s another idea for a tombstone: R.I.P. Traveled the world via Google maps.

E.G.: In high school, and yes, even college, I always romanticized scenarios of whoever my present crush was–fantasizing about spontaneously running into him in empty hallways, at which point he’d realize that, though he’d never actually spoken to me til then, he liked me deep down; daydreaming between lectures of how he’d appreciate I answered 2+2=17…imagine gunmen attacking the students and I somehow save the day with my unfounded athletic skills in front of castles in the air crush…Yeah, shit like that, AKA stuff that’s never gonna happen, mainly because I never went after it (well, we’ll skip that last scenario).

Final words of wisdom for Nugget #3: if you’re planning on doing something, don’t half-ass it.

E.G.: Dieting seems to be a fad now. People are constantly posting on facebook how they’re ‘going to the gym for leg day’ or sending Snaps of ‘eating this super-nutritious Panera lunch’ and it’s all good but make sure you do it the whole way through.

The other day my friend who is endeavoring to lose a couple sent me an Instagram post of a picture of pancakes overloaded under whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate chips…and two strawberries, with the caption #eating healthy…Um, no. With health and fitness the two best methods of losing that stomach gut are A) Eat nutritious food and B) Work out. That’s it. There’s no ex deus machine pill that suddenly makes you lose 50lbs in 2 days, or a cheap-ass contraption that gives you a 6pack like those See-on-TV commercials. Don’t drink a smoothie in the morning, workout, then order a large pizza with extra cheese and stuffing and think, ‘Teehee, good thing I had that smoothie this morning, teeheehee guess I’ll reward myself with that chocolate ice cream.’ At which point you do indulge yourself in that chocolate ice cream and gain a pound and cry about how smoothies aren’t cutting it.

Sooo go all the way! That didn’t so right…But live it up as much you can! And while you do all this, don’t forget to…Check out Nugget #4 😎


C. Ostergren


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