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Food & Fitness Tips

Hi y’all! I’ll keep this blog brief. It includes basic health tips I incorporate into my life, all of which are doing wonders for my body, mind, and energy levels. So I hope you find these helpful too!

For those who are dieting/trying to lose weight, exercising, or looking for ways to reach new stages of fit and fitness…well, I’m not going to be one of those people who say look no more. I’m not an expert on nutrition or diets but below are some tips I’ve decided to stick with from health books I’ve read.

There are two primary suggestions, and you’ve probably heard them a million times: Eat heathy, and exercise. I won’t go into depth about exercising–if you do 30+ minutes 5 days a week, you’ll maintain a healthy, fit physique.

Eat Healthy.

Include more raw, natural vegetables into your diet. They’re best fresh/raw, as cooking reduces the number of nutrients received. Also, fruits and veggies are considered “wet” foods, which means they’re not dense and so will move through your body quicker. They take less energy to digest, and digestion itself takes up your body’s energy more than any other natural process, thus leaving wastes and harmful toxins…And waste=weight.

It is advised to slowly transition into a healthier diet, cutting things like coffee, meat, dairy, refined sugars, and even whole grains out of your nutritional habits. Transitions that are too fast may mean your body isn’t cleansing itself fast enough, and so toxins are reabsorbed back into your blood stream.

…Speaking of cleansing, below are several methods to tidy up your internal processes.

#1) Colonics>can be expensive.

#2) Bristle/Sauna brush>They get rid of dead skin cells and move your lymphatic system along. You can get these for about $7 at any drug store. Every morning, or before working out or showering, take your brush to your feet and brush up, over every inch of your body, in the direction of your heart. Two firm strokes on each inch. Stop at your torso. Include your arms and back.

#3) Lymphatic massages>See above.

#3) Probiotics>Eat in the morning and before any cooked meals to better cleanse your body during the digestion process.

Here is a good, clean way to lose weight. As mentioned before, your body uses most of its energy for digestion. People always say breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. False. If you consume a big breakfast, your body will be using most of your energy throughout the day just to get rid of all that food, exhausting you. So mix and matching different food densities may cause a bigger build up of wastes and thus weight.

Fresh fruit takes about 20-30 minutes to get out of your system. Veggies…about an hour. A serving of pasta, fish, chicken breast, or whole grain cereal takes about 3-4 hours. Meat/steak and heavier foods take a little longer. So mixing different groups, such as steak, veggies, french fries, and rice, could all take around 8 hours to get out of your system.

5 categories:

Starches: Your breads, pastas, whole grains, and potatoes. Should only be eaten with other starches and raw or cooked veggies.

Fleshes: Your meats. Should be eaten with other fleshes and raw or cooked veggies.

Nuts: Should be eaten with other nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and raw veggies.

Dried fruits: Should be eaten with other dried fruits, nuts, and raw veggies.

Fresh fruit: Should be eaten alone, or on an empty stomach.

So remember: Light to heavy meals. Fresh fruits, smoothies, and juices in the morning; nuts, veggies, and dried fruits in the middle of the day; and your fleshes and whole grains at the end of the day.

Random Food Tips:

-Don’t drink water DURING meals–it slows digestion and blocks up the food.

-If you eat fish, it should be baked, so as to drain it of any toxins.

-Only have 1-2 ounces of raw nuts a day, as they are fat foods. Also, soak your nuts for several hours or overnight–it gets rid of enzyme inhibitors and thus you can receive all it’s nutrients.

-Start every meal with fruit or veggies.

So, yes, these are your basic food tips! Hope they help! :)))))


C. Ostergren


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