Top Ten ‘Timeless’ Things on Tuesday

Take a moment and reflect on those things which are timeless…to you. Perhaps they’re quotes or catchphrases you believe represent your values, or themes you’ve studied extensively. Maybe they’re traditions close to your heart, ones which augment your connection with family and friends, or people who exemplify an identifying aspect of yourself. Are they far-flung ideals expanding over the years, or your own personal treasures of thought? Freestyle, draw a picture, write a poem about them.

One of the art/craft goals I do is called the 30 Day Challenge, where I draw a picture of something I connect with personally. I’ll blog about some later. One–a night full of stars and the moon–I already kind of touched upon in a previous blog (check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but below are my Top Ten…Not the most important ten ones to me, but just ten for me. I kept them brief. Make your own list if you can ๐Ÿ™‚

1) The Butterfly

I always compare myself to this creature, as do many people. In Greek mythology it represents the soul. For me, well, I’ve always shared identifying traits with it. Gentle, fragile, lovely, shy. Beating on and on. Known for its beauty, but perhaps wants to be noticed for other things. Delicate bodies, but resilient and surviving. Transformed.

2) Writing

I’ve been steadily writing since the 6th grade, during which I composed my first novel. It creates in me a passion I’ve never experienced before, and although my writing itself has gone through ups and downs, whether in my style, consistency, or exuberance for it, I’ve always considered it one of the main things which identify and reflect me.

Writing is a process. It’s growing, evolving, improving, moving forward, showing continuity, not stopping. It’s not a noun, not a state of being–it’s a living action, changing. Over the years everything about this word has become personal to me. I’ll go more into depth about my connection with writing in another blog ๐Ÿ™‚


3) Art

I see art everywhere. Music, dance, clothing, writing, the way how a person talks, reading, WWE, theatre, commercials, the clouds in the sky, cooking, painting, how people express themselves, their penmanship, interior design, footprints in the sand, yoga. For me art transcends everything. It doesn’t have to make sense, doesn’t have to illicit emotion or meaning, doesn’t have to have a purpose. It just is what it is, and has always magnified my perception and interpretation of the world.


4) Childhood

What is childhood? To me, childhood is spreading the giant bedsheet on the living room floor and eating fried chicken and coleslaw with my family as we watched old black and white movies on picnic night. Childhood is spending all day in the wood during the summer before sipping on lemonade on my neighbor’s deck. Childhood is buying a cheap toy or candy from the Dollar Tree with my only chore money before renting a movie from Blockbuster with my cousins for that evening. It’s being thrilled to have McDonald’s and a Coke for dinner on Friday night after earning it after a week of school. It’s playing soccer during the fall, and blowing bubbles off my porch, and looking for bugs under the rocks fringing my mother’s garden and being jealous of my brother’s skill in Mario Kart. Childhood is not giving a damn about things like love and Facebook likes and adult grievances and only caring about catching the next episode of Pokemon. It’s a place, a state of being, a part of me that still exists under all the bullshit and self-lies and attempts to be better, where I was whole and pure and blissfully, obliviously, stupidly alive.


(I used to draw with dirt on this wall thinking I was a cave woman)

5) ‘Buy In’

This phrase has become important to me and my growth these past few months. Where does it come from?

My sister started watching WWE about two years ago…and she involved my my parents and me into the craze. I ended up liking a certain wrestler the best, and so Santa gave me one of his merchandise pieces this past Christmas: a black bracelet with the words “Don’t Sell Out, Buy In” in yellow. Since then the only time I ever take it off is when I shower.

I use the words “buy in” as my own personal catchphrase, one which motivates me to invest in myself and all I can be. If I think about caving with my diet or foregoing a set in my body-building workouts or just feel like giving up on general, all I have to do is glance at my bracelet, at those two words and remind myself I can do it ๐Ÿ™‚


6) Silence

I don’t have an opinion of silence–it’s just there. Unnerving. Beautiful. Unreal. Everything and nothing. A void but at the same time the noisiest thing possible. The closest to God I could feel. How do you pray to that?

7) A person

Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under all the weight of the lives I’m not living.”

I think of this quote, and the daunting truth that there are so many places and words and experiences and thoughts and dreams and everything everything everything I can’t witness in my one life. But that’s why I get to be me, and make the most of it.

8) Line on the horizon

I’m one of those rare people out there who got my license super late, and therefore missed out on a plethora of activities and joys such as hanging with friends, aimlessly driving around, and exploring new places. One idea which drills this mistake home is pulling into my neighborhood and seeing this thin road, miles and miles away in the distance, close to the horizon, surrounded by open fields and lined by hills. Sometimes, I can spot cars glint by. I don’t know what that road is called, where it goes to, but I always fantasized about driving on it, for it reminded me of all the places out there I could travel to, the adventures I could partake in, the people I could meet, the person I could become.

Towards the end of last summer, I was randomly driving around, all the way back past the highway, took one particular road and, by the time I reached the end of it, realized I was crying, because I knew deep down I had finally driven on that line on the horizon, after so many years. It was no longer an ideal, a hopeless illusion romanticized in my head. I had attained it, and it had lost its magic, the thrill of the chase, a real, tangible obstacle overcome. Buuuut…now I can’t wait for more lines on the horizon to overcome.

9) Love

Of course I would include this timeless theme! I don’t plan on writing much on it, since my next blog will solely be about it, but…hmm. When I hear the word, I see in my head…the word ‘love’ itself. I can’t define love, or know what it feels like, or even if it’s real. I just know it’s an act. The word itself is so fullfilling. Opening your mouth into an ‘O’ sound as you pronounce the ‘l,’ before expanding it to say the rest. ‘Ooooove.’ It’s gentle and accepting and satisfying yet so powerful.

10) A night of stars and the moon

One of my favorite sights ever! I would write about it but I already did in a previous blog. Check it out if you have time! To put it simple: we’re all equal under the moon and stars, as human beings, and that’s what matters most ๐Ÿ™‚


C. Ostergren


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