What is the One Thing You Wished For the Most?

This question may reveal clear-cut answers for some, or perhaps could be a mind-fuck for others. The one thing you wished for most? Was it that extra scoop of chocolate ice cream on a hot summer’s day after you played tag at the neighborhood park all afternoon? Was it courage to ask your school crush to the prom? To fall in love? To have a best friend? Or maybe the return of a family member who had died?

It’s interesting to understand the vast range of people’s responses. What age they were? Was the one thing tangible material, a feeling, a person, an idea–what? Who do you get it from? How badly did they want it? Did they do anything to get it? Did they get it?

I remember what I wished for the most. It was a dream. And not an ambition or aspiration, but instead the kind which haunts you during sleep.

May have been 10, 11. Woke up after it ended, and needed it needed it needed it back. I rolled everywhere in my bed, almost crying, as I prayed and prayed and prayed to God– I’d do anything to have it again. And I believed because of my desperation and pleas and passion He would grant me what I wanted…Obviously, didn’t happen. For some reason, at that age, believed if you made it to heaven, you could ask for one thing, and that’s what I asked for.

Even now, I wish I could have it.

How about you? What was the one thing you wished for more than anything else?


2 thoughts on “What is the One Thing You Wished For the Most?”

  1. The easy choice would be that my sibling won her battle with cancer. As a kid, it was to get a bicycle that all my friends had. Of course,they didn’t see the rationale for having the same bike, so they got me something a bit different. 🙂

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