In Your Mid-Twenties and Still Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Are you in your mid-twenties and still have no idea what to do with your life? Working seemingly ‘filler’ jobs in which your passion is lacking and dreams further dwindling as you only hit Christmas bonus milestones? Is Facebook blowing up with pictures of your best friends proposing, and you’re still ordering a large pizza and binge-watching Netflix all weekend by yourself? WELL!…I’m in the same boat 😥 But part of me is okay with that.

You only have one life. And for me, I want to do it all, see it all, BE it all. I enjoy making the most of what I have.

My past jobs are all over the place. Working with older people, working with younger people, being a hostess, being a cashier, etc etc and even some more etc. My love life is hasn’t been all over the place, a.k.a. I’ve been single except a two month fling. I’ve lived in only three different places…Yeah, I’m 24 and still don’t have any direction. The thought of returning to school, aiming for a higher degree than the Bachelor’s I already have, and encumbering more student loans is daunting. But, what can I say, I don’t even know if I want to do that. After all, the only real goal I harbor is to be happy with myself and my life. And, thankfully, I think I’m slowly learning to do that no matter my job, relationship, lifestyles, whatever. “Life is what you make it.” I agree 200% with that quote.

A variety of factors go into anyone’s happiness. Goals, lifestyles, mindsets, perception, attitude, what IS happiness, who they are. I’ve come across the simple fact that finding out who indeed you are is an exciting, on-going journey–I want to agree and overcome fears, that’s what I’ve found I truly enjoy.

As of now, I’m considering being a journalist or dietician. It’s all up in the air. But at least I’m giving myself direction instead of being up in the air as well. I’ve signed up for acting, dancing, and gym classes, am participating in modeling shoots, and working on my new novel. Even when all my friends are getting married, going back to grad school, or already reaching their ‘dream’ jobs, I’m in a happy state simply because I know I’m learning and growing. No rush either–I’m in my mid-twenties. :]


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