Who or What is the One Person You’d Do Anything For?

…So this may sound like a weird question. I guess the real one should be, ‘Do what?’

‘Sacrifice your life?’
‘Not give up on yourself?’
‘Kill someone.’…Let’s hope not!

I know many people, particularly those in Nicholas Sparks novels or ABC family dramas, would immediately spit out their soul mate or boyfriend or spouse…or whoever their lover is. Others might offer up multiple names: family members, friends. Still more, the selfless kind, could admit ‘anyone.’

For me though?

I’ve developed as a person who’s lifestyles consisted of giving up. On myself. On others. In the health department, working out, being all I can be, etc etc you get the point. I always give up.

EG: After my failed relationship last year, I was drunk all the time. I gave up on everything. Wake up. Starve myself all day. Just to get a slight buzz at night, after my family would go to bed. I had no motivation, no direction, seemingly nothing. I hardly saw anyone, went anywhere. I’d aimlessly drive around listening to music, and then come back to an empty house. My dog would get excited to see me, look at me, hoping I’d take her out. I didn’t have to…but I did.

And that’s who I do everything for. My dog. For me, it’s easier to give up on myself and others, but when I think of my German shepherd, who I leave for long periods of time yet happily jumps up to see me every time I walk through the door, I can’t give up. On a creature not on the same ‘level’ as humanity. Seemingly ‘inferior.’ One who needs to be taken care of. Plus, I know what being a dog feels like. So everything I do for her.

What about you?



4 thoughts on “Who or What is the One Person You’d Do Anything For?”

  1. I love this post! The first thought that came to mind was my dog, Abbie. I felt silly at first, but then I saw that you picked your dog as well. It’s the truth though. I pay extra each month for dog rent, vacuum up fur constantly, buy pedigree brand food while I eat the store brands, etc. She gives me much more than I give her. I can definitely relate to a dog being there during the bad times. I try to remember that each time I get a vet bill. She’s worth every penny.

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