Selfie Sunday #17: ‘ The Moment of Discomfort is the Moment of Growth.’


Fab hair. Granted, it was super greasy.

‘The moment of discomfort is the moment of growth.’

This gem of a quote originates from the narrator of The Last American Man. My freshmen class had to read it before attending orientation (can you believe that–summer reading for college??), and was surprised when he actually showed up to give a speech. As 34% of us disliked the book, and the remaining 66% didn’t even read it, the crowd was completely zoned out during his delivery, although one person was awake to record and Facebook the above quote.

This past week was abound with new things I tried–and I was terrified of each one. A physical fitness assessment for my local gym (I hadn’t done something like that since 10th grade P.E., when I dreaded doing the mile…), a three hour acting class, and a hip hop dance session.

I tend to self-criticize and compare myself to others, so just the thought of all these activities were incredibly daunting. Right before the acting class I even considered a no-show…but, come on, a $150 for it? The physical assessment too–working muscles I didn’t even know I had, not sure if I was doing the movements correctly, pretending people on the machines weren’t staring and judging.

I feared doing all these things, but I did all these things 🙂 When you feel you’re not enough, it’s the most exciting sensation to do what causes you discomfort, and transcend that fear. I made myself do acting, dancing, and the assessment just to branch out, to grow, and the best feeling was knowing that, even if other people seemed ‘better’ or ‘more,’ I was doing it all for me, simply to be better and more.

so take a dare, and try something you’re afraid to do.


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