Selfie Sunday #18: ‘Love the Life You Live.’


So I currently live in Southport, NC, a.k.a. home of the retirees. Like, seriously, this place is teeming with old people. It’s not exactly bad–the elderly can be inspiring…or creepy, or weird, based upon my experiences. But anyways, I was at the gym on Friday, doing a hardcore ab workout, when this ex Hockey coach approached me and gave me tips on how to perfect my wall sits. We chatted it up a bit, and within 5 minutes he told me to pack my bags and get the fuck out of Southport…Huh?

I actually laughed every time he cussed or poked fun at those ‘closest to the grave’–it was an engaging convo, but his overall point was you can’t live life here at my age. No bars, no parties, no younger folks. I fired back right at him…What does it mean to live your life????

Most people tend to fringe on the same answers: drinking in college with friends, traveling, dating frequently…more drinking. And that’s what that old man was referring to: pretty much all of the above. I agree and disagree to an extent, but who’s to say partaking in quiet moments, such as evenings at the beach by yourself, or awkward  ones, like fumbling along in dance class, aren’t ‘living it up’ either. I feel like this idea, especially for individuals my age, has become so stereotyped and over-idealized it’s lost somewhat of its depth. Nowadays, people approach this concept with ideas of what ‘living it up’ is supposed to be rather than finding out themselves.

So, for you, what does living your life mean? How would you go about to get the most out of it? 🙂


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