WaH #1: B&N Notes of Inspiration

Before moving to Oak Island, NC, I would go to my local Barnes and Nobles and order a cup of coffee, write a little in my book, and browse the many novels throughout the store. As I did this, I would also leave hand-written slips of paper between the pages, with notes saying things like “You’re gorgeous,” “Keep going,” “Don’t give up,” or “You’re a beautiful human being.” Small glimmers of inspiration 🙂

I don’t live as close to a B&N in this area, but every time I go to Wilmington, I tend to drop by one, and do the same thing: leave marble composition notes with words to bolster people. And finally, the other day, after dropping off several, I heard someone open a book and, as she held up that tiny square of paper, exclaim how she desperately needed that kind of encouragement today.

…I felt so awesome 🙂

People tell me I’m laid-back, kind, calm, gentle–it all leads to listening and understanding others, and I so I’ve learned to love helping people in any way I can. Leaving little B&N notes in books is a small means to do so, but if I made that woman’s day, I’m a happy camper 🙂


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