Selfie Sunday #20: ‘Gratitude Can Transform Common Days into Thanksgivings, Turn Routine Jobs into Joy, and Change Ordinary Opportunities into Blessings.”

In a previous blog post I mentioned how I write in my Gratitude Journal at least once a week, a.k.a. when I’m on the struggle bus that Sunday morning shift because it’s completely dead in the gym. As also mentioned, I have decided to record in my journal every week a memory, a person, a specific thing/emotion/event/etc, and one thing about myself. Here’s a brief overview of what I wrote today:

1.) Memory>>The time my sister, brother, and I visited my dad in his work office in D.C. a few years ago. We met several of his co-workers, got some of the local Starbucks, and more importantly went out to lunch, at some restaurant, where they had the best fries. I don’t know why–I’ve ate French fries from soooo many different places, but these ones stuck out: thin, jagged, with golden-brown edges, and so much salt. They looked unappealing…but were so delicious. That day surprisingly sticks out to me because of those damn fries 🙂

2.) A person>>My brother’s girlfriend, ha-ha. She just came up with a nice workout plan for me, and has been hands down the best person to date my brother.

3.) Specific>>Cloudy days. No one thinks much of them–they’re always waiting for the next bout of sunshine or utter downpour or clear skies. I think of them as a balance for the other days that people look forward to–the necessity to understand those better days.

4.) 1 Thing About Myself>>I’ve noticed lately how several people have commented on my calm nature. A couple new friends told me they’ve opened up to me like they haven’t others in such a short amount of time. My acting teacher remarked that my voice is soothing, almost lyrical. And most people I know describe as “chill” or “laid-back,” with an easy-going demeanor that’s not as apparent in others. So I am learning to appreciate that more in myself 🙂


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