WaH #2: Compliment People

I hold myself to daily To-Do Lists, or Nonnegotiables, as I add them in my app, Keep. Most of them align with the focus goals I am striving towards, but some are small, seemingly stupid tasks, such as 1 thing I’m afraid to do (whether that’s talk to a new person at the gym, maintain eye contact throughout a conversation, smile at everyone I come in contact with, freestyle every morning, etc etc).

One of these 24 hour hopes is to compliment at least 5 people…because come on, let’s be real: no one hates being complimented. I blush when a person tells me I have the best dimples, can’t help but beam when somebody praises my calming demeanor. Aaaaand more etc. You get the point.

I remember about a month ago, I told a woman I’d never seen come into the gym I work at and told her I loved her gray-black zebra yoga pants. She gushed, going on how that made her day before launching into the story of where and how she bought them. She thanked me a final time and headed into class .

Yesterday I told one of my class instructors she had such a fantastic upbeat attitude that pushed me through my workout. She said she needed to hear that.

Today I will…well, I don’t know how I’ll compliment 5 people. But I will. Their gorgeous hair in the breeze, inspiring resilience during those bicep curl sets, small smile that holds so much more–you tell me.






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