Selfie Sunday: Introducing Smoothie Sunday


So as most people know, whether as friends, via my blog, or in my family, I am aiming towards a vegan eating lifestyle. I’m allllll about those healthy foods now! Fruits and veggies are incredibly nutritious in every aspect, one of them being detoxifying–after all, just a warm glass of water with half of a lemon immediately starts your body’s cleansing process. So I’ve recently decided to dedicate my Sundays to drinking nothing but juices and smoothies.

I grew up Catholic, so for me Sundays are days of rest. Granted, I work on these days, but I still use them to forgive and thank myself, even the worst parts of me. So I figured I could also use this peaceful 24 hours to cleanse my body.

The process of juicing, utilizing organic fruits into a juicer, extracts nothing BUT the juice from these fruits. No fiber, hard texture, anything except the juice and the nutrients within it, which, upon drinking hits your bloodstream like an extraneous injection. You immediately start your day with the lightest meal (remember, for the most energy and health you should be eating light to heavy) and all the nutrients it offers.

Thirty minutes later I consume a smoothie of various fruits and veggies, at least 32 ounces. I do the same throughout the remainder of the day, during lunch and dinner. My smoothies contain more veggies and greens, as they don’t contain as much sugar.

Today I participated in Smoothie Sunday for the first time, and I feel fantastic! It’s a great new way to start my week, and the physical detoxing mirrors my internal detoxing. Cheers! 🙂


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