Smoothie Sunday: WaH #3

My typical ‘breakfast’ consists of a juice comprised of different fruits and veggies, all extracted from my juicer, before the ‘Glowing Green Smoothie,’ which contains:

-5 cups kale

-6 cups spinach

-1 banana

-1 apple

-2 celery stalks

-1 pear

-juice of half a lemon

-some parsley/cilantro

I drink this every morning :] It’s expensive, but it fills you up with fiber and protein


One of the worst, most gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, heart-stopping…’k, that’s overly dramatic, but a feeling which is terribly cumbersome is when you’re dealing with an issue, and you believe yourself to be alone. I’ve experienced it countless times: overcoming loss, not being invited to that Saturday night bar crawl, suppressing so much without thinking I have an outlet, surviving depression and borderline alcoholism, etc. etc.

You’re alone with so much. It sucks. And what sucks even more is you don’t want to tell others simply because it may seem trivial, selfish, a burden, or for any other reason.

Hell, I’ve suffered loneliness when I’m overcoming moments of tremendous joy and happiness, and all I want to do is tell someone, whether it’s about trying Spin class for the first time, discovering a new song, learning something worthwhile from my latest book, or even just having a good ol’ shift on the job.

On most of these occasions, I simply keep quiet.

I’ve been told by many friends and co-workers that one of my greatest attributes is my understanding, my willing acceptance to listen. Most instances in which I’ve ‘been there’ for people have blossomed from my simple desire to reach out–to ask how the past few months have been, how family life is treating them, to catch up during lunch, more etc. It’s in those quiet moments where you learn and understand, and people tend to open up. Those moments where people know you care.

Don’t be afraid to serve as another human being’s rock, stability, hand, light–whatever you want to call it. In moments of chaos, in moments of triumph, in any old moment, be there for someone. It might be exactly what they need right then :]

‘Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless.’

‘I will follow you into the dark.’

‘Friends are those rare people who ask who you are and then wait to hear the answer.’

‘Sometimes just being there is enough.’

And remember, you are enough :))))



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