Sunday is all about Forgiveness

People either see Sundays as the end or the beginning of a week. For me, I simply see it as my day of rest. Straight juicing and smoothie-ing it up, to detox my body. Writing in my Gratitude Journal. Participating in yoga, and 30 minutes worth of long meditation. Reflection of what I learned from the previous week, and how to grow for the upcoming one.

Take time out of your day for a few minutes to cleanse your body, mind, and soul. Jot down 10 things you’re thankful for. Ponder over something you believe you grew from. Plan for what you’re hoping to become. And most importantly, forgive yourself. We’re all human.

Remember, begin your day with some warm water with half a juice of lemon and a probiotic. It immediately initiates your body’s cleansing process 🙂




(Thanks Alex for this one! It’s one of my favs!)


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