Selfie Saturday: Why Do People Say ‘Tomorrow’?

Throughout the week, I frequently ask how friends, family members, and old acquaintances are trucking through life (it is part of my weekly goals to reach out to at least one of each of them :)). One certain gal of mine detailed how stressful her day had been with work drama, ending her vent with the words, ‘Oh well. There’s always tomorrow.’

…Tomorrow? Isn’t today enough?

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow’s a new day.”

“I can’t wait for today to be over with.”

Time doesn’t exist–it’s just a word that defines the continuity of our lives. Yesterday, today, tomorrow–they don’t exist either.

I asked my friend why she had to wait until ‘tomorrow’ when she could choose right then to move from all the work drama and begin anew.

“Well, it’s a new day, new page.” A.K.A. she was ready to indulge herself in a bowl of ice cream, a couple of beers, and pass out, with the intention of starting her ‘new page’ over the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow. In an hour. I’ll do it tomorrow. Now’s not a good time…These are all excuses, cop outs, your own self limits.

Just remember: you can always choose to move past that work drama, any problem of the past, anything, and more importantly, you can always choose to do it right now. Don’t be afraid to wait, especially as nothing is guaranteed. Plus, when I wait, I tend to not accomplish anything and put it off. Knowing my own self-deprecating actions, I understand that if I want something, I must do it now.

Now. Now is the only time. Overcome the bullshit. Tell that guy you like him. Apply to the job you’re holding yourself back from. Forgive your ex. Sign up for a gym membership. Do what matters.


‘I am free to create success in my life.’

‘I am free to be happy.’

‘I will love where I am right now.’

‘I am willing to change.’



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