Today is Always a Perfect Day

Yesterday I awoke and, from one glance out the window, took in the overcast sky, seemingly never-ending sheet of rain, and rapidly-forming puddles on the street…and immediately deemed it was going to be a dreary 24 hours. Set my mood, right?

I harbored that sense of melancholy during the first few hours of work, surrendering subtly to negativity, reflecting on things with a dampened outlook, and generally acknowledging I was ‘giving up’ in a way. Well, until I asked one old gentleman coming into my gym how his day was going, and he replied without a pause, “Perfect.”


I thought that was beautiful.

I told the man how I liked his response–how I planned to use it from then on.

Any day can and should be perfect. It doesn’t matter what the sky appears like upon your initial observation, or your first thought after waking. It doesn’t matter if you spill your coffee on your jeans, read a sad entry in the newspaper, argue with your parents, or be late for work.  Nothing matters in stopping you from indulging in a beautiful, wondrous, perfect perfect day. Every day.

Go out and see it perfectly.


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