WaH #5: Be Thankful

One of my weekly goals consist of writing down ‘4 gratefuls.’ One is a memory, one is a ‘specific,’ one is a person, and one is any detail about myself–all things I’m grateful for in my life.

My  journal has helped me learn over these past few months to see every day through eyes of gratitude. I appreciate the smaller things, like the smell before rain, or the way my friend’s voice amplifies in scales when he’s reaching a particularly juicy point in his story, or how I have come to enjoy freestyle writing more and more. I remember, and realize, so much about my life that I wouldn’t have before: experience I had forgotten, old friends who have faded, personal strengths I would never before have deemed as such. Now I’ve implemented reflecting on at least 10 gratefuls every day as I enjoy my morning juice, and it all makes me appreciate SO.MUCH.MORE.

Take a moment to right now to think, write down, or type up 10 Gratefuls in your life. They can be anything–the light shining through your bedroom window when you wake up, watching The Walking Dead every Sunday for an hour with your parents, that guy you’ve never spoken to in the gym struggling with deadlifts, every freckle on your body, every movement of your fingers–anything. Don’t be creative, just reflect on what comes to mind!

Remember to see the world through grateful eyes.


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