The Summer Solstice has come and gone. Roughly half of 2016 has passed. It’s definitely a good time to reflect on your New Year’s Goals.

…If you had any. I stopped coming up with them two years ago–I always forgot what they were within the first week of January. Regardless, I have monthly, weekly, and daily goals I’d like to hit. But the Summer Solstice really made me think more on my long-term goals than anything else.

Below is a list of 10 Realizations and 5 new Changes I’ve come across.

1.) Effort into friendships: As you get older, you make friends, but it seems you lose so many more. There are countless old acquaintances who have faded from my life simply because we’ve lost contact with each other. It’s sad but…shit happens. I’ve noticed there are some friendships and family ties in which I try to keep up but the other party simply doesn’t exert that same effort…Fuck em. It’s a two way street. You’re busy, and if they’re not willing to make time for you, why do you have to?

2) I don’t like texting:…Yeah. Loooove talking to my friends. Love catching up with old ones. But, over the past few months, I’ve just accumulated so much apathy for this form of communication. You get a text. Reply. Put phone down. Get another one. Pick phone back up. Reply. Put phone down. Repeat. I’d rather call and hear a person’s voice.

3) I would drop everything to write this novel: Seriously? A serial killer who kills and then uses his victims’ body parts for sculpting? I can already see it on the USA Bestseller’s List.

4) Be aware: Don’t look and hear, see and listen.

5) Give time to yourself–it’s okay to say no: My friend asked me the other night to hang out. I said ‘no’ because I wanted to sit in my bed and watch Harry Potter instead, because …sometimes you just need that time alone to breathe and have space, right?

6) It’s okay to hit plateaus: Falling down is the easy part. Learning to rise is the hard part. Because it’s not a rise. It’s a slow crawl to your knees, then to fall again, then to your knees, then to stand. Then to fall again. But remember, you’re where you need to be. You get stronger with each choice to continue on. Plateaus make you re-evaluate and realize what you want…Such as this blog 🙂

7) I’m pretty inspiring!: And so are you! Understand that what you say and do imposes an immense impact on another person. I was having a terrible day last week, when one of my coworkers simply told me that it sucks working outside but at least we’re all suffering together. That little quote bolstered me to push through my job and look at my situation more differently. Remember, you mean more than you think you do. Thoughts are just thoughts–what you tell yourself. People measure you by your actions. But it’s your choices that make you who you are.

8) DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: I guess that means I should quit my job and write this book. But why waste your life doing something other than what you want? (Bills, student loans, nothing else to do…) Well, make money while trying to go after what you want.

9) Acknowledge everyone has human: You’re black. You’re white. You’re Christian. You grew up in Iraq and migrated to America. You work in your college’s multicultural office. You’re vegan. You grow crops to support your family. You live in Africa. You support Trump. You support Hilary.

It doesn’t matter about any of these things. We are human, and only equal in that sense.

10) Don’t live up to someone else’s expectations of who you should be: This one is my flaw. My biggest plateau. I try too hard to be nice, too hard to impress people, that it all tangles up to the point where I just want to yell ‘Fuck you.’ Don’t choose to be miserable for others. Take care of yourself and learn to love yourself. You count too 😉


Below are five ultimate changes I either plan on making or are happening for me

1) I want more money…And I hate saying that. Let’s revise it. I need money to experience certain things, and I don’t have enough.

As much as I love the company, coworkers, and department I work in, my job is overall not paying the bills or allowing me to fulfill my own personal ambitions. Don’t hold your dreams back.

2) Potential writing job: There is not a career in the world I see myself doing except being a writer of some sorts. As hard as they come by, I’ve never made such an easy step as emailing my local paper’s Chief Editor, asking for a job or any opportunity to work there, then to receive a response in the form of a freelance internship. How cool is that?

3) Reaching out to the public: Despite living among a populace in which 70% of it is aged 65+, I enjoy where I am and the small-town feel of Southport. There are unique opportunities here, and I’d like to provide more of a presence in this little city. I think everyone should support where they live, whether it be through volunteering or group organizations.

4) Moving out: I pay credit card bills. I pay student loans. I pay car insurance. I pay for my truck. I pay for my food, gas, everything, everything except rent. Every month. My parents are gracious enough to let me stay with them without spending a dime. But in order for me to grow as a person and earn more responsibilities and independence, I’ve decided I need to move out in the upcoming months. My spending has become more tight and prioritized, and I would to spread my wings even more knowing I could afford a place on my own. Plus…I’ve had apartments before. It’s nice 🙂

5) ME: I’ve changed drastically over the past year or so, and I must always continue to do so (in a good way). Don’t be afraid to move forward in life–it’s the only direction to go.




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