Wellllllll…I no longer have a job.

Yesterday was final shift at Troon company. But what can I say? I despised working as an athletic attendant. Hauling heavy stuff in 90 degree weather. Witnessing blatant sexism in my department. Being so tired I took naps every day of the week. Tossing aside my other life goals. All the while, my education remained unused and seemingly obsolete.

Yep. It was time to go. Back to the job search. But…I’ve decided to use this ‘new beginning’ as a means to open up more opportunity in my life. There’s nothing I want more to do in my life than write or preach nutrition. This transition will be able to provide more emphasis on those areas. On top of that, I can finally get back to working out and continuing Sculpting Beauty as much as I can.


-Going after that vegan lifestyle

-…Back to the gym

-Applying for online writing and editing posts

-Engaging in local activities and volunteer

-Realizing what I want, how much it matters to me, and how much I can go after it



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