2017–Where Will I Go?

I haven’t posted on this blog in quite a while—life was happening, ya know?

2016 had its pros and cons, but more importantly it revealed to me what I wanted from life. So 2017 will thus be the year where choosing to act will gain those wants.

Below are my 5 Focus Goals of this year. So after reading this please don’t ask me what I want to do with my life 😉



I love eating healthy and more specifically I love preaching it to others (don’t get me started, because I won’t stop). Hence why I wrote a book about it.

My upcoming novel, Chasing the Beauty, is nearly complete. With its publication I plan to start my own nutrition program, as well as design my own website and app for it. Thanks to an online course on user experience design my brother encouraged me to take, I understand the tools how to create both.

Look for it this upcoming year! 😀



More than all things health-related, I love writing my psychological novel, Sculpting Beauty, even more (Chasing the Beauty, Sculpting Beauty…they ARE unrelated, by the way). But working on top of maintaining my nutritious lifestyle and balancing a social life makes devoting time to this novel even more difficult. So this new year presents me with the opportunity to cut out any unnecessary things (i.e: spending copious amounts of my life on social media, watching reruns of old cartoons, etc) to give more of my attention to my favorite serial killer (move aside, Dexter!).

It’s a pretty thrilling tale and I’m sure you’ll become aware of it, when it reaches that #1 spot on every bestselling book lists out there 😉


Working Out:

I’ll be honest . . . I don’t enjoy working out. I love running and I love the feeling of accomplishment after exercise but . . . what can I say? I’m lazy. But the time to get my ass up and moving is now. There is only one life–why not make the most of my physical condition? So far, I’m off to a good start.


Livin’ It Up:

 Balancing a social life while saving money has always been incredibly difficult. But I don’t think limiting yourself to staying inside just to put aside a few is worth more than gaining new experiences. 2017 has been fun, eventful, and full of life so far. I’ve made to do go out and be with friends, or catch up over dinner or on ‘Skype’ (aka phone calls)—I’ll try to keep it that way . . . while still maintaining a healthy financial state too.


Work on Myself:

 Like I’ve told two different dudes this past month who could simply not take a hint: I’m not interested in dating. Rather, I’d like to have a relationship with myself and invest what I can. It’s important to know who you are without seeing yourself as a reflection in others.


2017: Look for Chasing the Beauty and my new website! Sorry this blog was short and sweet, but Law and Order: SVU is on!


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