When Life is Being Lived on the Dollar

… Seriously. That’s how I’m surviving week to week. Paycheck to paycheck. A few groceries here, a glass of wine there. $15 left on Monday, with 1/3 of a gas tank and one day’s worth of food, until Thursday.

I’ve never been so poor yet wanting to do so much. Its a tragedy how younger people are trapped in this scenario: experience life … with what?

Buuuuut, one positive can be found: I am learning to differentiate needs from wants, to prioritize things on a to-do list, and to budget efficiently.

I’ll take that as my silver lining.

Sometimes when you’re burned out and over-stressed and sick from it all and busy busy busy, and people are imposing their own expectations and there’s still a 100 different things on your checklist, you just need to take a deep breath and binge-watch House of Cards.

… I so needed a break from reality: it’s done wonders for me.

Wonder #1: I am, once again, consistently working out.

Wonder #2: I have almost finished Chasing the Beauty … as in I will probably be done with it tomorrow!!!!

Wonder #3: … When I am done, that means I can return to writing my one love, Sculpting Beauty.

Take a break if you need to. Remember you are human.


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