Chasing the Beauty: Realize Raw is Real, Eating Healthy is Pooping Healthy, and a Plant-Based Lifestyle is the One to Choose


You’re probably thinking, Yeah, right—gag me with a cookie, as you shove Oreo #22 into your mouth and continue your endless browsing of the Internet on ways to eat healthy.

My book, Chasing the Beauty, teaches you two main principles.

#1) How to maintain a healthy, nutritious eating lifestyle. I will never use the term diet, which implies impermanence—as in, I’ve lost the 100lbs I wanted to, now I can eat whatever. Plus, it is associated with calorie counting, portion control, low-sugar foods, a reduction of carbs, and the pointless downloading of numerous ‘health’ apps, all of which provide you with conveniently wrong information. You won’t have to deal with any of that B.S.—diets, after all, don’t help you permanently lose weight or teach you what foods to eat and how much. My book will.

#2) Be happy with yourself. (Because, spoiler alert, maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle will make you happy).

You may not realize those ideals now, but, if you choose to implement my lifestyle suggestions, you’ll soon come to understand how consuming fruits are actually the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth, how incorporating leafy greens into your daily intake can help get rid of that piece of undigested ice cream cake you had at your 9th birthday party, how a simple act such as dry brushing every morning can eliminate up to 1/4th waste from your body, and how food does indeed equal Life, Health, and Beauty.

So you want to lose weight? You want to look decades younger? You want more energy? You want to embrace a nutritious lifestyle in which you’ll never have to count a calorie or reduce portion size ever again?

Then what are you waiting for? Put that cookie down. Let’s chase beauty.


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