The Girl Who Could Change Fate

A plethora of activities, hobbies, and practices give me passion, but the #1) thrill out there for me is without a doubt writing. I consider myself a writer more than anything else–it’s a part of my identity and freedom.

The first (and only) novel I’ve published is an Amazon ebook, titled The Girl Who Could Change Fate. It’s of the young adult genre, with elements of action, suspense, romance, and humor.

You can find it at

Read below for its plot of you’re interested 🙂

It’s your typical Monday morning, right before first block starts. You are about to walk into class…and then you see him, and you can’t help but gape in your googly-eyed goggle, with the little pool of drool dribbling from your mouth, and your heart sounding like someone’s playing the congas next to you…aaaaand that’s when he shoves you into a locker.


What if “him” was your daydream boy, and you had the power to make him drop dead? Would you?

…Yep, that’s right folks. Lacey Joy White is your average, everyday teenager. She unwillingly attends school, tries to maintain at least a “D” in Chemistry, spends Friday nights creeping on her crush on Facebook, and overall struggles through that awkward stage of life called puberty. She is ordinary, just like everyone else, except for one tiny, teensy, little detail: she can change the future in small ways. However, despite being able to wield such a godly gift, she chooses not to, and life tends to be normal.  Er–that is until she is introduced to the Date Changing Regime (FCR), an organization which oversees the various users of Fate.

Upon joining it, Lacey’s life descends into chaos. She acquires a very pretty bulls-eye mark on her back, as fanatical groups opposing the FCR will stop at nothing to eliminate Fate Changers. On top of that, she finds herself trying (and failing) to ignore her deepening feelings for the reckless Christian Angel, a young man in the Regime who can alter people’s thoughts. Aaaaand she must also uncover the traitor in the FCR, one who has been plotting a not-so-nice surprise for her for many years now…

Worse that all of these dilemmas is that, in order to survive, she must use her gift…and resist the dark allure in her heart that comes with Changing Fate.

A blend of humor, action, romance, and suspense, The Girl Who Could Change Fate explores values of friendship, love, and the journey of finding your own identity every teenager goes on.

It’s got a fantastic cover to go with it, thanks to the Creativia publishing company.


Important things to know about my novel:

#1) The names are, yes, slightly silly, although not as silly as some you find in most other YA novels.

#2) It is NOT dystopia novel where kids kill each other off in gruesome ways (thank God–getting bored of that).

#3) The romance is, thankfully, not heavy or cliched.

#4) It’s kinda funny, and when I say kinda I mean it’s laugh-your-ass-off funny. Or so I’ve been told.

Aaaaaand #5) You should read it. There’s a free giveaway from May 3-7!!

Bonus #6) I can’t write novels without any sense of literary merit, so if you enjoy analying the crap out of literature like me go for it!!


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